Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Apple Picking

Ms. Kremer and Caleb's class.

Caleb looking to make sure the apples are good ones.

This is what Maddie did the whole time.

The final product... well at least until the pie. :)
What an exciting day in the life of my son. First to venture off to a day of school to find a school bus awaiting him. Caleb loved the bus and has been eager to ride on one for months so he took it all in as he admired everything as little as bumps in the road, hills that we drove on, other vehicles on the freeway, the song wheels on the bus and of course the girls on the bus. When we arrived at Eckerts, we took a wagon ride to the orchards and were giving a bag for the kids to fill. It was truly enlightening for him to pick his favorite snack from a tree, fill a bag and eat the scrumptious, warm apples. Maddie didn’t care much for picking the apples though she had fun picking up the random apples that were lying beneath the trees and taking bites here and there. After apple picking Caleb guided us through a corn maze and we were able to cheer on 4 different pigs in two different pig races. It was a fun day for the kids and I must admit that it wore me out.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Doctor Toys

Eric has a new set of doctor equipment/tools that are used for regular physical exams. Caleb and I have become his new patients at home. Maddie is too much on the move to sit still. It has actually been pretty comical (lots of laughs). Eric will be tested on his skills and all’s I hope is that memories of “practice” will not affect him during his test. Ha! Last night he informed me that he would have 15 minutes, so all the games stopped and we got serious. First time around he had it complete in 10 minutes. My husband is a stud!

On the note of my awesome husband… he has also decided to run the blood drive through the Medical Students for live interest group. He put together a huge presentation and presented it to all the first and second year students that included pictures of kids with cancer (that benefit from platelets transfusions), doctor recommendations, and information about the drive itself. Eric has a huge passion for donating blood and platelets. He currently has a goal of donating every other week. Platelet transfusion is a three hour process. He uses this time to study.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bronco Fans

We were kindly reminded by a dear friend back home what Coloradans hold dear. And that is the BRONCOS. This picture is for all the Bronco fans. We have not forgotten what we hold dear. We miss Colorado and everything that represents it!
Lot’s of Love, The Behrmans

First Blog

My cute kids on the airplain!