Thursday, June 23, 2011

??? thermometer ???

I’m not prepared. My daughter is sick. Being the person that is home and having a husband that is pretty busy I usually stock up on all the items you need for a sick kid/me (7up, juice, chicken noodle soup, apple sauce, meds, banana’s, bread, frozen popsicles). We keep most everything for the BRAT diet. That way when someone gets sick we have it and I’m not wondering how to take a sick child to the store. Well, today I am not prepared. Since we just moved, and let me note everything is unpacked I still can’t find the thermometer. So I am sitting here wondering about the unknown. How sick will she be when she wakes? Will we be able to make it to the store? When will I have the friendships here that I left behind in MO where it was apparent that everyone was there for each other at a drop of the hat? I could simply pick up the phone and ask for help. And mostly… why wasn’t I prepared… oh yeah… it’s summer… not sick season.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Home

A new home or should I say a 14 year old home offers a lot of work.

I didn’t originally like the house. Eric completely talked me into it and I had hesitations all the way up to our first week here. He told me after a week I would love it here and he was right. I love it here now.

Our backyard backs up to a beautiful forest and a creek. The trees are very mature and reach about 40 to 50 feet high. They originally draped down to about 4 feet from the ground so we cut a number of branches off so we could enjoy the beauty of the forest and see the remainder of the backyard. We also hung a swing and a rope for the kids.

Inside the rooms were kind of small so we decided to take out half the wall to open it up. I’m sure many of you have heard me say how awesome my father-in-law is but again he’s amazing and I’m so blessed he taught his kids/Eric how to do a number of things. Both Jack and Eric sat down for a few hours and constructed a plan to take the wall out. A few days later we started the project. We are so close to finishing. We are mudding, sanding, painting and adding molding and a shelf. Then it will be complete and it’s beautiful already.

We found these bugs which we originally thought were flees but lucky for us they turned out to be Springtails. You all know how I like bugs. We had the bugs examined to determine what they were and the best way to treat the area. Then my husband went to work finding the nest of the Springtails and spraying. He found a few nest. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more.

The carpets were pretty discussing. I guess we didn’t notice how bad they were when we came out to find a place to live. Eric was allergic to something in the carpet and his hands would swell up after doing his workouts. For a few days he moved to the bathroom to do pushups and such. It was not long before we were shopping for carpet. Our new carpet is awesome and feels like silk.

Well that is what we have been up to. Mostly house projects.

What we love about the house…
The sunroom – wow didn’t know how awesome these were.
The backyard - breathtaking
Remodel - ½ wall being cut down – more space
The kitchen, the playroom, the living room.
The laundry room being on the same floor as the bedrooms.
The layout of upstairs.
My kids laughing and playing and loving it.
The neighbors and all the kids
Swimming pool a few doors down.
We will have a paycheck to pay our mortgage.