Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I have no idea why this picture is sideways but it's late so it's just going to be that way. This picture was taken of my brother steven, my dad, baby Eric and myself at my Grandfathers gave. I wish I could have gone there today with my father.
As the flags fly high in the sky, blowing in the wind, I am reminded of my loved ones and others that have fought for this country. I am reminded of their love, dedication, ambition and drive for this county. I am reminded of memories that I cherish and hold dearly of my Grandparents. This year, Memorial Day has become extremely personal. Today, I think of my brother Steven who is currently in boot camp. Today, I think of his wife. I reflect of my Grandma and my Grandpa who have passed. My father-in-law Jack. I think of how sheltered we are because they protect us from more than we could imagine. How at peace we are because they have decided to step up and fight. I think and pray for the safety of my brother. And today I say thank you in a different light and a new appreciation.
Steven... I pray for you daily and even at night with Caleb. He talks about you all the time. He actually calls most guys Uncle Steven. You have made a huge impression on him and he loves and miss you so much. We love you!!! XOXO's

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cardinals Game

Last night Caleb’s T-ball team took the field. It was actually really cool because we were able to walk around the whole field. This was also Eric’s first major league baseball game. I love that I get to experience some of his first with him. Anyways, we had a great time. The kids really got into the game. The crowd was going wild which added to all the excitement. Caleb wanted so bad to go bad and play with the Cardinals. He kept asking if it was his turn to bat and we had to explain that we were here to watch the Cardinals.

Some of Caleb's team.
Walking onto the field.

Madeline friend who she plays with at all the T-ball games.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks State Park (1st beach)
We were on the a "Treasure Hunt" the whole time we were there. Caleb loved to look out the window and try to find where we were going. We gave him a map and he would find where we were going and tell us to go straight or turn... of course it was all pretend but he loved it. One of the "treasure" we found was the state park that had a swimming beach. The kids of course loved to swim around and play in the water.

The kids jumping right in.

Caleb showing us his skills

Cute Caleb.


Lakeside Resort

We were really happy to have such a wonderful view, walk a few feet and cast the fishing poll, and just the peace of the waters around us. The resort was pretty quite, we knew our neighbors... well we knew everyone because Caleb announced happily to each and every person that he caught a fish or just wanted to know what they were doing. He is so social.

In the mornings, Eric and Caleb would get up and go fishing until Maddie awoke within a 1/2 hour. We ate breakfast on the deck and fished for about an hour or two until we were off for our next adventure.

In the afternoons we would return while Madeline napped which I loved because I snuggled up next to her and I bet you can guess.... Caleb and Daddy grabbed those fishing polls and hit the lake.

After napping we traveled to the lake side beaches to swim. Then we would return to the cottage for a late supper and hit the juccizie. Eric BBQ each night and the dinner was wonderful and so relaxing sitting next to the water. Then the kids were off to bed.

Eric and Maddie on the padio.

Caleb ready to go fishing the minute we got there.
Just a cute picture.
View from fishing, notice the swing. Maddie and I enjoyed holding each other in the mornings and swinging on it.
Oh, there we are.
Caleb is a true fisherman. Takes after his Grandpa Jack.
Us fishing. No I didn't catch anything. But honestly I didn't fish much. Just enjoyed the beauty and my family.
The kids having a converstion about who knows what. But it was really cute.
Look the first catch... and Caleb caught it. Caleb also caught a cat fish. Eric and Caleb ate 4 fish while we were there. Both the guys didn't like the taste of the fish and after hearing that I decided not to try them.
The view.

The Outlet Mall

We had to stop at the Outlet Mall just because everyone talks about them.
The kids like Cliford.
Having a goofy, good time.
The kids love to be "back packs."

Ha Ha State Park
This was a European style castle. The stone was imported from Scotland and it ended up burning down and this is the remains.

Eric made up stories of Tigers being in the woods and all sorts of stuff. Let’s just say that I heard a lot of stories this weekend. But Caleb found them fascinating and built onto them. Then he was afraid the Tiger was going to come down and eat us and I told him it was sleeping. Of course, I rolled my eyes at my husband and smiled inside for the joy and excitement of make believe and the fun that he was having with Caleb.
Beautiful Madeline May
I believe this is the horse's stable. (above)

Caleb and Madeline
This is taken at the bottom of the cliff. We decided to hike into the Spring.

The natural spring is coming from under the rock.

Our climber.

365 stairs plus... actually I think we were told the first set was 160. The kids loved jumping down them. On our way back Caleb and I held hand and jumped. He loved it.

Bridal Cave

We were actually looking for a different cave that offered lanterns for the kids to carry but they were closed. We ended up reading about the Bridal Cave that is rated as one of the most scenic caves in America so we couldn't pass that up.

This picture above is not the cave. This is right outside of the cave and is not connected but it was beautiful so I took the shot.

Above is the spot that is used in weddings. The pictures does not do the cave any justic.

Once we were 1/2 way in the tour guy decided to show us how people us to see the cave in the old days... he ended turning off the lights and showing us what it was really like with a can and a candle. After that he blew it out and left us in the pitch dark. Then he fell down. Luckily he was not hurt. Madeline kept asking me "what's that" after about three minutes she was starting to get nerves and the lights returned. At the end of the cave is "mystery lake."
The kids feeding the fish.
Our hike outside the cave.

Lake of the Ozarks State Park (2nd beach)
This beach was of course breath taking. The water was cleaner from the first and warmer which made it more enjoyable. Caleb loved to take off and swim with Daddy. Maddie also loved the water but seemed to enjoy the side of the beach and all the wonders and findings on the shore.

Maddie and I decided to make a sand castle and surprise Caleb when he returned from exploring with daddy. Caleb was so excited about the castle and continued to build onto it feet away.


Bagnell Dam

The Dam was actually kind of pretty. It was very interesting to see the before pictures.

The kids got a lesson on electricity. While we were there we were able to talk to some researcher that had a HUGE fish. The researchers were explaining to Caleb that they were going to cut open his tummy and place a beaking unit in it so they could follow it. Caleb kept explaining it as an "Owey".