Sunday, May 30, 2010

Backyard Camping

We went camping… if you can call it that. Though as I always say “it’s not camping unless you have Smore’s.” We had the Smore’s and the tent so I think that counts. We set the tent up and the kids played in it for hours. They were so excited to sleep in it that it took awhile to get to sleep. In the middle of the night Madeline said, “Mom, I’m done with this.” We went inside and slept the remainder of the night. Caleb and Daddy slept there all night long.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Building Cars – Lowes

The kids ask me all the time when we are going to Lowes to build something. They really enjoy these projects and if they are really into the outcome they will play with whatever they made for the remainder of the day and continue into the week.

Today we built cars, places stickers on them, painted them at home and had race after race.

Grocery Store – Magic House

Magic House

Sand Castle Fun – Magic House

We could have spent all afternoon here. I am looking forward to going back with a good book. Sitting in their lounge chair and sinking my feet into the sand and letting the kids play, play, play. We had a lot of fun in the sand. In one of the pictures below you can see our want-to-be castle.

Last Day of Preschool

Caleb is so ready to be done. He has told his teacher over and over again with excited actions, gestures and expressions that he ready to go to Kindergarten. It has made me feel a little sorry for his preschool teacher having to hear his excitement for leaving. He has truly concluded his preschool years and is eager to move on.

Does it get better than this for kids going to bed???

Caleb’s School Picnic

Caleb had a blast at his school picnic. The kids had a sack race, don’t drop the egg, hot potato, the parachute and a number of other activities. During it I told Caleb that I was having so much fun with him and he said that he was too. I asked him what his favorite game was up to that point and he said the one that I had to put a ball in-between my legs and hop across the grass. It just touches my heart to see my child having so much fun with is mommy and for me to be a part of his life.

Water Play

Caleb got this new water toy for his birthday. It’s great not only do the kids have fun but it’s also awesome at watering the lawn. Love duel purpose gadgets.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Tent


Target Practice

Each night before we read to the kids we let the kids pick out a game to play. Sometimes it chase, hind in go seek, or they choose a board game (they love board games) but lately it’s been a nerf shooting game that Caleb got for his birthday. The guys are pretty darn cute in this picture.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mini Golf and Cars


I have been craving Sushi for a couple of months now so I got up the ambition and made some. Oh my… it’s really good and I think I will be making more this week.

Caleb's 5th Birthday Party

Caleb picked everything out for his birthday from the games, to the cake topper all the way to the balloons. It was a lot of fun letting him decided what he wanted to for his birthday and to watch the excitement in it all. He chose to play tag, play with water balloons and hit a piƱata.