Monday, January 26, 2009

Recent Pictures

Yes, I think my kids are really cute!
Total surprise to me but Eric makes paper airplanes with the kids from his lecture notes.

Hummmmm!!! This totally didn’t remind us of anyone. We were laughing the whole time she ate her peanut butter spoon with that cute little smirk on her face. Aunt Sonia don’t be teaching her any of your tricks!

The kids helping me make dinner. They were painting on the butter that goes on top of the Chicken Pockets.

Eric took over bath time this evening and was having some fun with Madelines hair.

One of the projects that they made at story time at B&N.

Madelines first hair cut. Very stylish I might add. I love how it lays around her face.

I think she's posing for this picture.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Two moments in time...

... that I will always cherish.

Caleb first arcade game.

Papa danced with the kids throughout Mama Mia.

Christmas Pictures

I have been trying to get on this blog for weeks. Guess things have been busy. Here are some pictures of Christmas here in Saint Louis. We were so blessed to have my parents here for the holidays.

Maddie loved this purse. She continued throughout the day taking treasures in and out of it.
Caleb loved his train and played with it for 2 hours before we opened any other gifts. Maddie also liked the train.

Batman car

The best dog in the world. As you can see Maddie loves it

Papa showing Caleb the gaming room.

Both kids love the water and had so much fun swimming.

Caleb showing off his skills.