Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cleats and shin guards

Caleb is so excited to play soccer. Today we got his soccer cleats and shin guards in the mail. We got a excellent deal on them and I’m afraid that I am going to become a big fan of ebay… got both (Addis name brand) for $10 and they look brand new. He was so excited to open his box and find his new treasures. He ran around all day with them on. He just had to have the shin guards on over his PJ’s while we read books before bed and yes the box with the cleats and shin guards are in his room right next to him.

I have to say that I love the joy that he finds in things. He doesn’t take much for granted which is shown in the way he handles them and the way that he doesn’t just throw them in his closet or leave them on the floor. They have to go right back in the box they came in and I have to say I just love how he enjoys certain things. He has thanked me over 20 times.

Boating with the girls

This was a stinking awesome girls night. I had so much fun. We hung out on the lake, drove around, picked up more gals, and went tubing. Jenn gave us a long hard ride but we last through it all.


Caleb is teaching Madeline the ropes of using a computer. It was so darn cute. One of my friends told me about a site called starfall and it's awesome. You should check it out if you have kids.

Upside down

This is what Madeline loves to do.

6 flags water area

I wanted to post some pictures of the water area at 6 flags but we really were not in it all that much because the water was really cold. But this is where we send out days when we are at the water park.

The kids warming up on the cement.

Notice there is no one in the water. It was frezzing. Madeline asked for her cloths and it was not long after that Caleb wanted his too.

A great night

My girlfriend Doria got some girlfriends together and took me to a amazing Japanese restaurant. It was one of the places that you sit around the grill and the chef cooks in front of you while knifes are being thrown, fire is exploding in front of your face and the food is excellent. It was a wonderful night. Though towards the end, the lights went off in the restaurant, people came out with drums and yes they really embarrassed me as I had to dance in front of everyone. It was really a great night.

Water Play

Hours of entertainment. Fill something with water, get some toys and let the kids take them in and out of the water.

Our special blankets...

If you come to our home in the early hours, when we are watching a movie, when the kids are making tents or hiding, reading a few children’s books, in the evening, or when it’s cold you will find us all draped in blankets. These are not ordinary blankets they were made by my best friend Lisa. The kids fight over them and we have been trying hard to work them into their own blankets. Just this afternoon Caleb was laying out Maddies and told her that this is a special blanket just made for her. It was really cute to hear the appreciation and to hear that my children understand that they are so special that they get their own special blanket. I know some people think this is a small matter of importance but the small things in life are what I cherish and what really matter to me. Thank you Lisa.

Spiderman and Batman

Spiderman-Caleb, Batman-Owen

Caleb loves to go to Owens and play any character that resembles a super hero. He also has found that if he wraps a cape around him that he suddenly becomes a superhero. Since we do not own a cape he has been using a towel the last couple of days.

Suson Park

The neat thing about Susan Park is that there is a animal display that you can walk around, two ponds where you can feed the ducks and a playground. We didn’t even make it to the playground because we were having such a wonderful time walking around the animals, having a picnic and trying to feed the sleeping ducks.

Do you notice Madeline’s tights? Remember how she loved them last year well she rediscovered them in her drawer and has been wearing them all over the house. Her little bum crack is showing cause they are too small but that doesn’t stop her.

Madeline is kissing Caleb.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday wishes come true

I had a great birthday and thought it would be fun to share some of the special moments. Keely came down on Friday to celebrate and hang out with me. Saturday we took the kids to Grants Farm.

My birthday was full of warmth, love, phone calls and emails. The kids and Eric made a banner for me. Caleb was so proud of it and continued to ask me how I liked it throughout the day. It made it even more special.

I was given a beta fish from the kids. I love fun loving gifts that are from their hearts. Though they could have gotten me something else this is something that they feel is special and they wanted me to have. We finally decided on a name that all of us like… Nemo. I’m sure every child has a fish named Nemo. This is another gift that both kids were so interested in how I liked it. They continued throughout the day to ask if I loved the fish they got me for my birthday. One time I told Caleb I really like it. He asked do you love it and I replied yes I do. He kissed me on the arm and said I’m so glad. MELT my HEART! Thank you kids and Eric for a gift worth giving, a gift that opens my children eyes to compassion, sympathy and empathy. A gift that they want me to cherish but most of all I cherish their love for me that they find in the importance of the gift itself.

I was also given this bouquet of flowers. It has become a tradition for all holidays (that involve mommy) for Eric to take the kids to the store and let them pick out the flowers that they would like to give me. Once each one of them have picked their flowers they make them into a bouquet. This has become incredible special to me because it is made up of my husband and my children choices in the flowers that they think I would like. I love that they do this for me and I love what it represents.

I was also really spoiled yesterday by a lunch at Red Robin, a home movie (High School Musical) and then dinner our again at Texas Roadhouse. I also got other wonderful gifts that I am so excited to use. Tonight, I am a lucky girl, a few of my girl friends are picking me up and taking me to dinner.

Thank you all for all the warm birthday wishes. Love you!

Grants Farm

Keely came down to spend some time with me for my birthday. We decided to take the kids to Grants farm.

What a bunch of cute kids!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You won't believe it...

Parents… do you remember how excited we were that we had the swim area so close to us? Then the flood came, all the dead trees washed ashore and I gave up any hope that the area would be restored. Well… GUESS WHAT!!! You won’t believe it… check out the pictures.

There has been a crew working off and on for the last month or so and it is really coming along. After dinner this evening we decided to take a walk down there and found a beautiful clean beach. The kids are so excited. We sat by the lake while the kids played in the sand, enjoyed the peaceful nature, the fish jumping and the sand beneath our feet. It was so nice.

Building a Motor Boat

I have found, yet another blessing for our family/children. Lowes just down the street from us does a event for the kids that allows them to make a project. I was very impressed with it. When we arrived both kids were given goggles, a hammer and the pieces to make their motor boat. We sat down and built them. Caleb did a great job with the hammer. Both kids were so proud of themselves for creating their boats. They played with them all day and even went to bed with them. Lowes also gives out vest to each child and with each project that they complete they will receive a patch to sew on to the vest. I am pretty darn excited about this and have signed the kids up for another session.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Slide in pool

The kids had a blast this afternoon playing in the pool. I was able to finish my book "My Sister Keeper." It was a nice afternoon.