Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cheese It’s

Just wanted to put a plug out for Cheese It’s. They are making letter’s now. On the back of the box you can find this awesome scrabble game.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Papa & Nana…

...visit was full of love, laughter, fun and the kids saying, “Papa lets go down stairs and wrestler.” We celebrated my parent’s 22nd wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day. Time always fly’s with them.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mommy and Son Date - Ice Skating

When we signed up for the Magic House they were doing a promotion and we ended up with 2 free ice skating tickets. Thanks Brian and Daisy!!! As many of you know Caleb LOVES ice skating so it was the perfect mommy/son date. The day had a few bumps in the road due to Madeline’s friend being sick when we showed up to drop her off but lucky one of my sweet, dear friends took Madeline in with minutes’ notice. Thanks a bunch girl! Anyhow, back to our date. It was awesome. I have come to the conclusion that if I EVER want to put a smile on my sons face just to take him skating. He was smiling and laughing the whole time. This smile was the full open wide smile to… the whole time. I loved seeing him enjoying something so much. We laughed so much and the kids doesn’t mind falling, laughs at the challenge and gets right back up and enjoys. (He gets that from his mommy). While we were skating Caleb did a whole turn. I don’t think he meant to but I was sure darn surprised to see that he did it with ease. He also decided that he wanted to skate like his mommy so he turned around and went backwards and didn't fall might I add. Our date was a lot of fun.

Madeline Dance/Valentines Party

Madeline had a little Valentine party at her dance class. They had dance class and then decorated these hearts. I have to say that I am really impressed with Ms. Trish. She loves children and it really shows. She totally gets on a 2 yr olds level and gets them to dance and do certain posses by using all kinds of prompts. Last week it was a Barbie. Maddie really enjoys her class. She runs up and is ready to go. Once they begin she likes to watch but has a smile on her face. Once she gets warmed up she is hoping, jumping and dancing around. It is really cute to watch her.

Caleb's Valentine's Party

Another mother and I were in charge of the Valentine’s Party for Caleb’s class. We decorated cookies that Caleb and Madeline helped me make. I placed frosting and heart decor in bowls and the kids used plastic knifes to decorate their cookies and then ate them. Caleb’s teacher said it was the first time the classroom was that quiet. We played musical chairs using heart cut outs. When the music stopped the kids had to lift the heart up to see what letter they had. The letter that we called out won candy… of course all the kids won one. Then we did a really cute craft. The kids weaved their ribbon through the holes around the heart. Then we painted their hands and they placed them in the middle. All the kids had a good time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Playing School

We are so proud of Caleb. Check out what he is doing.

Kids being Potato Heads

Should I say more...

Bird Feeders

The kids ended up making birdfeeders from their classes. They were so excited to put them out so the birds could eat their makings. You should have heard Madeline talking up a storm about how birds were going to eat what she made. It was really cute.

They are both hanging off the trees that are next to them. Hopefully it will warm up again so the birds will come back.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Dance Class

Madeline actually got to wear her new dancing shoes out of the house today. It was heart melting and just too darn cute to watch her warm up to her new class. Soon enough she started hoping, dancing and having a lot of fun. Honestly, my eyes filled with tears many times as Eric just smiled at me with love.