Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Party with Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers put on a great party for the kids. They had Santa, gingerbread houses, and there were four other crafts. The kids had a blast and we were really impressed.

The gingerbread house the kids made. We helped them. Caleb had fun placing the food on and Maddie enjoyed filling her tummy.

A Santa Claus calendar. The kids glue cotton balls on each day of Dec and then it makes a beard. Caleb has already used the cotton balls for another project that he invented.

After we made a reindeer then we filled the bag full of reindeer food which the kids have eatten.

This was a really cool project. They made a boarder and then glued Santa's head on. We then painted their hands and made handprints for Santa's body.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Behrmans

At Cabella's.
Our yummy pie. Caleb used shapes to decorate the pie.

Let's fish.

What a cute girl!

Fisbee Golf. It was absoultly beautiful!

The Behrmans taking a break to get a picture.
Saint Louis Medical School.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Frisbee Golf

We played 9 rounds of Frisbee golf. To my surprise the game is so much fun. Caleb and I had a blast running after each other’s Frisbees. Eric was once again in his element.
Caleb stacking up the points.
Caleb saying... look at me Mom. I have both of the frisbees. I didn't get his first facial expresion so I made him take another picture.

Maddie being sad that Eric put her down for a second.

Caleb and I... in all of our glory!

Let's roll down the hill. Yes, Eric actually rolls with the kids and doesn't crush them.
Missed Caleb picture opportunity.

Friday, November 21, 2008

3 yr screening/kindermusic

Caleb had his 3 year old screening today. Since he is 3 ½ now they worked on that level. There were two ladies that “played” with him and asked him “fun” questions. They were really impressed with him and said that he is doing some things better than the third to fourth grade level. I can’t wait to show Eric the results tonight. I’m also excited for Maxine to explain it all on a teaching level since she is the BEST teacher out there.

I have been trying really hard to find something for just Maddie and I to do. Caleb and I had our special bonding “one and one” time since he was the first child and I have been really trying to figure something out for Maddie. I went to a introductory class for Kindermusic, which was called Our Time. We had a lot of fun but for the price and the fact that we get most everything Kindermusic does from Mrs. Christine from Barnes and Noble I have opted out on Kindermusic. I guess Maddie and I will find something else. When it was warm we were going to parks and playing but now that the chill is in the air I’m searching for something special during our time. Any ideas?

The other day, the thought hit me that Caleb will be attending all day kindergarten in a year and a half. I have truly been so blessed to be at home with them. It’s going to be weird once that day comes and I do not get to spend every minute with him. I have been thinking hard that I really need to make this time count. I’m not to sure what “count” means because I think I do a good job but I don’t want to take any of this precious time for granted.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Graduation from PAT and more

Since we moved to St. Louis both of the children have been involved in Parents as Teachers. It’s a program that the school districts put together to make sure that parents and children are on the right track. Caleb graduated from the program this week. He will now be enrolled in the Plus three program while Maddie will continue her “PAT’s”.

Caleb was awarded a certificate for completing the program. Mrs. Kathy is his teacher and she is a wonderful lady. After the awards Caleb was the only child to run up on the stage and greet the teachers. Mrs. Kathy only had Caleb as a student there so she took him to stations that were set up around the room of crafts and cool things to do.

The Pettijohns (our best friends) came and visited us this weekend. It was so awesome to see them. We are so close that back home we developed the nick name of “BehrJohns,” which is the combination of our last names. They arrived last night and needed to return home this evening. It was like old times that I cherish. Us adults loved every minute together and the kids had a blast as well. Above are a couple pictures of the kids. We love them all, miss them and am so glad that they are so close to us now.

Our little girl fast asleep!

These are coaster that I made. They have been very helpful so we don’t lose our glass and dirty more than we need. Eric and I finally put the finishing touch on our desk.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day Light Savings

Well I have to say that we forget about Day Light Savings every year unless the Pettijohn’s remind me the night before. Of course we arrived at church a hour early but that did not stop us from having fun. We went to a near by park and played for a hour before hand and then we were off to church. I have to say that our church is awesome and God is definitely moving there.

Over the course of the last month I have been reintroduced to all the blessings in my life. Sometime’s it really easy to take life and things for granted but you need to step back and appreciate the things in life that you hold dear, yet, come accustomed to.

Today, I surprised Eric with a date to Powder Valley. Powder Valley is a place to get away from the city life and take you back to wilderness. It’s actually located just besides two major freeways 270 and 44 which is surprising because it’s nature at the fullest. We had a picnic lunch and then walked one of the paths. It was completely breath taking. One of my favorite things about St. Louis is fall when the leaves change colors.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Halloween Fun!

Caleb wrote his name all on his own.
He usually has a hard time with the E… putting 5 to 7 lines but here he has only 3.
So proud!!!

We were officially BOO-D!!!
We awoke to find a bag full of goodies at our door. The kids had a great time opening it and finding treasures in it: play dough, yoyo, candy, a ghost and a card. It was a lot of fun and made us feel special. We then turned around and BOO-D 2 other families.

Caleb really got into pumpkin carving this year. We began by drawing out faces that we thought the pumpkin should resemble. Caleb is really enjoying drawling lately and if he wants something done I usually do it in a form of different shapes. The kids were so happy with how it turned out and loved to see it lit up at night. Maddie favorite part was playing in all the pumpkin seeds.

These are some of my girl friends around our neighborhood. We get together officially once a month to have girls night out. No kids and No hubbies. This month we decided to do a progressive dinner and we had a blast. I’m so lucky to have all these ladies in my life.

Caleb's class, The Blue Birds

Black Cat which is Calebs favorite!
Today Caleb celebrated Halloween at school. His school had a Halloween parade and then ended up on stage to sing a dozen songs. They also had a party. I was so proud of Caleb. He was having so much fun on stage. It was really cute because when the song was done he looked for me and I gave him a huge smile and thumbs up. He was just beaming.
I wish everyone could have seen him!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In honor of Natalie…

A blog posting like her’s because I always enjoy them!

It’s a good feeling when your favorite TV show is back on air.
It’s a good feeling when your day excels all your expiations.
It’s a good feeling when you snuggle up to the ones you love.
It’s a good feeling when the air is crisp and the flannel sheets are warm.
It’s a good life when you live in the moment and make the best out of everything.
It’s a good life when laughter is continuously flowing.
It’s a complete blessing to be loved and to love.
May the blessing flow… Amen!

At this very moment I’m…

  • Sitting in my comfy chair with my feet up… with the best slippers man has ever made (from Grandmama).
  • Wearing warm, mismatch clothing with a blanket draped over me.
  • Happy the house is picked up.
  • Regretting that I didn’t buy an extra carton of milk.
  • Relieved that I’m eating cookies and drinking milk.
  • And am in a peaceful, natural, loving state knowing that my hubby is home.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Gym's Halloween Party

We had some friends over for dinner and then went to the Little Gym for their Halloween Party. I was not sure what to expect but was presently surprised to find numerous of games for the kids to partake in, a room full of gym equipment for the kids to play on, and a break room with drinks and cookies. All the kids were dressed in their costume and running around having the time of their life. Caleb found a way to hit all the equipment as he ran through out the room in a circle. Maddie had her set likings: a slide and a spring board. We were there until the doors were closed and were presented with balloons to take home. The kids had a wonderful night and got to stay up passed their bedtime. What a treat!

I went to a Gourmet Caramel Apple decorating night with a group of girl friends. We had a wonderful time, chatting the night away. I surprised Eric with this caramel apple which we split. I have to say that it was the best caramel apple that we have ever eaten. I stopped by the store before hand and picked up a Apple Crisp which I believe added a special touch of honey that blended all the flavors together.