Friday, January 21, 2011

On top of spaghetti...

On top of spaghetti
All covered cheese
I lost my poor meatball
When someone sneezed.

This song filled our house a few weeks back. We are big readers here and that so happened to be one of the books that we checked out. Around the same time, one of my friends posted a recipe for meatballs. I have never been a fan of meatballs and have never had any inclination to make them. But with the power of my kid’s musical voices and the responses of thanks and appreciation my friend received from posting her recipe I thought that one day I would have to make those meatballs.

That day came… and for anyone that is interested… spaghetti will never be the same. Who eats spaghetti without meatballs, anyways???

Oh ya… US!

Here is her blog/recipe if you just so happen, to want, to question, Who eats spaghetti without meatballs?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Did you know that M&M’s were given to given to soldiers in the World War II? They were a easy packed snack full of energy.

I would be very interested in how they advertised these in the 1940’s. Did they use the appeal of the war? I can’t seem to find anything on it.

For 7 years they were sold in cardboard tubes. Like these….

In 1954, the famous slogan of “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand" was introduced.

The history of advertising has always appealed to me. There is so much in marketing. It’s not just artwork but you have to understand you audience. If you are a good marketer you will know what your customers value but more importantly you will know how to create a demand to those customers.

Life Simplicities

I have this new fascination of wearing eye makeup lately. (That’s another story… maybe I’ll get to it in another post.) My problem is that I have not found the right removal. The products that I have tried leave my eyes oily. It’s frustrating because I have those days, where a bubble bath is just the right thing after dinner. Perfect for relaxing. In which case, the eye makeup is removed but the oil remains.

Today, I was introduced to a new Simplicity. Ever since I was a child I was told do not get soap in your eyes. If I did it would burn and I would learn my lesson. Well the lesson today… My friends… is to grab that shampoo, rub it in your eye and your makeup will be removed, pain free and the best part… No oil left in your eyes. Can you believe it? Well, I do! I have not tried it but it’s on my next shopping list. What is it? You might ask…. Johnson and Johnson, No more Tears. Life is so much simpler than we give it credit for.

The next simplicity I am looking for is the cure to removing water marks on the glass shower… anyone??? I just know it’s out there… It must be and when I find it I’m sure my mouth is going to drop open and the same wonder will come over me.

Here’s a list of some of the simplicities I know of, off hand….
Sunscreen takes off Permanent mark
WD40 takes off crayon from paint.
Hairspray removes ink from fabric and furniture
Peanut butter is the key to separating gum from hair.

I would love to hear others Simplicities that are out there.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Madeline has always loved giving gifts but she really takes it to the heart. In the last year, she has started picking out her friends gifts. She loves the gifts that she picks out and really thinks of the person. I love that about her. But what I love more is what happens at night.

This afternoon, we wrapped Eric’s birthday gifts. Each of the kids picked out a special gift for Eric. They were a $1 but what matters are that they are from the heart. We came home and wrapped them. Madeline immediately said, “I am going to hide mine. Mom, want me to hide yours.” I said, “Sure.”

Fast forward till bedtime, Eric walks in and she is holding Eric’s gift, wrapped in Ironman paper (her choosing). She pulls the gift into bed with her and says dad, “I want to sleep with it. It’s your present daddy.”

She is pure genuine. So if you ever wonder after reading this if my daughter sleeps with your child’s birthday gift… the answer is yes. I’m sure it’s been hugged and kissed too. ;)


I really don’t know if I have any readers any more. It’s been months since I last posted. Yes, that would have been Aug when my son went off to school. And though people might believe that when a child goes to school you get more time… WRONG. What happens is your world speeds up… you jump from a having a nice slow paced day with both of your children to realizing that you now have to get everything done before 4 o’clock so you can spend time with the child that you just gave to the school system. Don’t get me wrong the school system is great but from being a stay at home mom to giving up your child for 8 hours a day… well… lets just say it’s a huge adjustment. You might ask who the adjustment was for and if you are pointing your finger at my child you are wrong… just direct it to me! Yep… that’s right!

So here I am; 5 months later getting back on track. Funny hu? Well, there’s no excuses but just the plain old fact that this mama was sad and yes I would say maybe a little depressed but now I’m back, in full swing! And here I am! (Waving hello)