Thursday, June 23, 2011

??? thermometer ???

I’m not prepared. My daughter is sick. Being the person that is home and having a husband that is pretty busy I usually stock up on all the items you need for a sick kid/me (7up, juice, chicken noodle soup, apple sauce, meds, banana’s, bread, frozen popsicles). We keep most everything for the BRAT diet. That way when someone gets sick we have it and I’m not wondering how to take a sick child to the store. Well, today I am not prepared. Since we just moved, and let me note everything is unpacked I still can’t find the thermometer. So I am sitting here wondering about the unknown. How sick will she be when she wakes? Will we be able to make it to the store? When will I have the friendships here that I left behind in MO where it was apparent that everyone was there for each other at a drop of the hat? I could simply pick up the phone and ask for help. And mostly… why wasn’t I prepared… oh yeah… it’s summer… not sick season.

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Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

I'm so sorry Tammy! I wish I could run over and help out! Good luck finding that thermometer. I'll say a quick prayer for you guys today!