Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life has been busy!

Life has been busy! I spent many hours researching schools, homes and the Greenville area. We spent last week there and were greeted by a wonderful family who happens to be a resident at Greenville Memorial Hospital. They were ever so kind and took us in and shared their beautiful home with us. We spent all day with our realtor, traveling the town and becoming accustomed to the surroundings. After walking through 20 plus homes and about 5 apartment complexes we made a offer on a home and have a signed contract.

In 2 weeks, Eric will complete medical school. In 3 ½ weeks our family will be here to celebrate Eric and his accomplishments as a DOCTOR. My husband will be a Doctor! Looking back I have to say that the last 4 years have flown by. That anyone can do this. But in reality, I know there were times that were slower and harder than others.

Perks about Greenville…
1. My family/friends are coming to visit.
2. Sweet wine.
3. My brother and cousin Ash are a hop and skip away.
4. We will have a pay check.
5. My hubby and kids are there.
6. New memories will be made.
7. It’s God’s plan.

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